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Sandrina is the Polish-German soprano Alina Adamski, who grabs every opportunity to shine in the title role of the “fake gardener“. With her clear voice and astounding physical control, she bewitches not only the Podestà (Jonathan Abernethy from New Zealand) and the Count Belfiore (Thobela Ntshanyana from South Afrika), but also the delighted audience at the premiere.

Susanne Kübler, , 07.05.2018

Alina Adamski as Sandrina demonstrates a range from the girlish to the Femme fatale.

Thomas Schacher,, 06.05.2018

The seven young performers have to release their inner clown, and bring a fresh, natural air tot the stage, something which eludes some opera singers of greater experience. Alina Adamski in the title role does this particularly succesfully. Her soprano voice is smooth and even in the quiet passages possesses an impressive clarity. As an actress, she succeeds in making an interesting and amusing figure out of Mozart’s fake “gardener“.

Henrik Oerding,, 2018

The Polish-German soprano Alina Adamski (Sandrina) shows not only great vocal talent in her challenging title role, but also catwalk credentials.

Herbert Büttiker,, 2018

At the Premiere, it was particularly Alina Adamski as Atala who demonstrated her comic talent.

Simon Bitterman, 2017

From Poland comes Alina Adamski; she was convincing with confident coloratura as Giunia from Mozart’s Lucio Silla.

Horst Reischenböck,, 27.08.2017

The Polish soprano Alina Adamski (…)  presented herself with superb and flawless coloratura technique, but also delivered deep pathos in her scene from Mozart’s Lucio Silla“.

“Salzburger Nachrichten“ Nr. 198, 28.08.2017

Positive aspects? Above all, Alina Adamska, a young coloratura soprano, as the Queen of the Night! (…) The cast featured a wonderful Queen of the Night – Alina Adamska, graduate of the Academy of Music in Lodz: effortless coloratura, a strong voice, precisely intoned and articulated. It was quite something to hear.

Anna S. Dębowska,, 13.06.2017

Alina Adamska-Raitarovskyi (…) won the main prize in the music category of the artNoble Competition at VII Interdyscyplinary Festival of Art. (…) The prize of the statuette 1-Art is givento – according to the website of the competition –  <<an original artistic personality, full of passion and artistic energy, whose work is at a European level and who captures the attention of the public>>.

Agata Gwizdała,, 14.09.2015

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